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Our Team

Evan Owens

The Captain

Guides the company vision and keeps money in the bank. He previously worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and was a sailboat captain in the Caribbean.

Dan Simon

The Architect

Responsible for technology and architectural decisions across the company. He's worked at multiple startups, building software for the Department of Defense along with one of the biggest Facebook games.

Abel Cuskelly

The Connector

Handles enterprise business development, strategic partnerships, user growth strategy and product/market fit. Prior CEO of Yocal Music and #1 in the nation at Merrill Lynch out of peers for new business.

Maish Simon

The Designer

Directs and designs the UX, UI, and visual design for everything from website-to-app-to-marketing. In the past, he's worked along side 20+ startups on a variety of campaigns and initiatives.

Rhett Fahrney

The Code Wrangler

Armed with a Masters in CS from USC he tackles full-stack development, feature implementation and bug squashing. Previously, Lead Engineer & Head of Product Development for TidePool.

Sid Jain

The Rockstar Developer

Taught himself C++ and HTML at age 12. After graduating from USC with a B.S. in Computer Science, he joined Ribbit and was a part of their $105MM exit. Accomplished pianist.

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