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Simplify the Upgrade Process
We are fully integrated with multiple backend ticketing systems, automating the inventory upload and ticket sale processes
Dynamically Control Ticket Prices
We have developed a pricing algorithm that offers fully customizable time-based discounts encouraging fans to upgrade at various times throughout events
Utilize Custom Data Analytics
We offer statistics on fan information and behavior that can be used to maximize revenue-per-fan (RPF) and optimize seat pricing
Generate Season-Ticket Leads
Discover candidates by identifying frequent upgraders and incent season ticket purchases by offering upgrade credit
Integrate our Mobile App Into Yours
Our app can seamlessly integrate with other mobile apps, and retain full functionality of its native features
Receive Outstanding Support
Receive round-the-clock business and technical support for you and your fans and patrons from our in-house service team
Use Our Cutting-Edge Mobile Upgrade App
Our easy-to-navigate app and mobile website allow you to select new seats by section using a digital map of the venue
Move Down Using Digital Upgrade Tickets
Once you purchase an upgrade you can easily share tickets and move to your new seat using digital tickets issued to your phone
Save on Upgrades
Receive credit for your original tickets, get price breaks during events, redeem Pogoseat promo codes, and save big
Enjoy Social Features
Sign-in using Facebook or Twitter and share news about your upgrades to your friends and followers
Upgrade When it Makes Sense
Sign up for alerts to be notified when upgrades are live and when prices drop in order to upgrade at the best times before and during events
Get Help When You Need It
Our customer support technicians are available to assist you during all events via email, phone, chat, and social media
Client Dashboard
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